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Side terminals are widely used in industrial production


At present, the side terminal is widely used in industrial production, but in this setting, the connector industry will face new opportunities and challenges.

With the expansion of connector market, the application of side terminal in industrial production is relatively more and more extensive, and it is also very expected by the company in production practice. As an industrial connector, there are many types, so many times, industrial production practice in turn affects the production and transformation of the connector company. As an independent profession, the connector can continue to grow, and it is also the result of the continuous progress of industrial production. The two complement each other, make common progress, and also have a very wide range With a broad prospect, the greater the source power and potential of a profession in many hours, the same is true of the production profession of joiner. The development of industrial production and the process of industrial modernization have determined that the joiner industry, as a modern extra profession, will face new opportunities and challenges.

With the advent of globalization, any company that hopes to make a breakthrough and is unwilling to be selected by the era needs to take global factors into account in the description, production, sale and other aspects of side terminals. The best way is to use more advanced description and stricter production specifications, so as to get used to the less demand of global customers.

The current rating of the new side terminal is achieved by measuring the temperature change of the metal conductor when the current increases. When the temperature of the pin is higher than the surrounding temperature by a certain scale, the current can be used as the rated current value of the component in normal operation state, which is stable and acceptable. Another very important goal of IEC specification is to load the electric current value, which often determines the acceptability of a component under different working conditions. It should be noted that the definition of UL is slightly different. It sets the conductor's temperature and ratio higher than the environment to 30 degrees and 90 percent.

There are also tension spring type side terminals, because the description is reasonable, so it can be used in an extra environment, and it can maintain the function of its internal center element, which effectively improves the development of terminal stability, but it is also very important in the production practice. Another type is the track type terminal type. Because it describes the device and application process particularly, it relies on the very experienced screw connection skills, and some matching skills to connect, so that the terminal has a self-development role in many fields and professions such as power electronics, communication, electrical control and power supply Space for.

Nowadays, the application of industrial production practice side terminal is more and more extensive. As an independent career, it is developing better and better, and also has a broader prospect.

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