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Power terminal board brings great convenience for system integration


In the power professional power terminal board, the crimping area is used to ensure firm touch, and can be disconnected at any time, without welding them or surrounding them together, which is very convenient and quick.

And suitable for a lot of wire interconnection, in the power industry there are special terminal blocks, terminal boxes, which are full of power terminal boards, single-layer, double-layer, current, voltage, general, interruptible, etc. A certain crimping area is used to ensure firm touch and satisfactory current flow.

Plug in power terminal board all kinds of socket description can be used to deploy different methods of penetration, such as: horizontal, straight or skew printing circuit board, etc., can select different methods according to the needs of customers. It can select not only metric wire gauge but also standard wire gauge. It is a popular terminal type in the market.

The barrier type power terminal board is able to complete safe, reliable and useful connection, especially in the application environment of high current and high voltage. The application profession is extensive, such as frequency conversion, anti riot, numerical control panel, access controller, sensor, PLC, instrument appearance, power supply, servo drive. The requirements of the above application profession for plug-in terminals are: the plug-in force should be stable, the touch resistance should be small, and the service life and fatigue degree should be satisfied, so the demand for hardware spring data is high. This requires that commodity descriptors have certain experience in layout and material selection. Fence terminals are mainly used in: power supply, relay (especially double-layer terminals), frequency converter, elevator profession (less), air conditioning.

The fast power terminal board is a kind of commodity based on this demand. It introduces a new concept of control cabinet equipment. This commodity depicts the wiring electrical accessories in the control cabinet as a series of commodities with modular layout, including various analog and digital signal input and output, power distribution, etc., selects the same standard equipment scale, transparent description of components and parts, and the indication can be seen at a glance. It is very convenient for the automation system integrator to describe and manufacture the control cabinet and control box. The assembly and wiring of the control cabinet can be directly carried out on the project site, which solves the long-term puzzle of our operation and also brings great convenience for the repair personnel. It brings great convenience for system integration and operation protection.

The power terminal board is mainly used in large and medium-sized DCS system, PLC system, long-distance IO (RTU) and other equipment supporting large-scale industrial production equipment. It is a special integrated interface developed according to professional standards, control system and process appearance, which can complete seamless docking with the control system, solve the uncertain impact of wiring process, and be used to the development of industrial automation technology Demand.

Power terminal board


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