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Application of power terminal board in voltage transformer


Voltage transformer is a kind of voltage conversion device. It transforms the high voltage into the low voltage so that the low voltage value can reflect the change of the high voltage value. Therefore, through the voltage transformer, the voltage can be directly measured by ordinary electrical instruments.

Due to the use of voltage transformer, all kinds of measuring instruments and protection devices are not directly connected with high voltage to ensure the safety of instrument measurement and relay protection work, but also to solve the difficulties of insulation and manufacturing process of high voltage measurement. In addition, because the secondary side of voltage transformer is 10V, the manufacturing of measuring instrument and relay voltage coil is standardized.

The terminal block of inverter power supply is provided with terminal slot, the nut is installed on the connection hole in the terminal slot on the terminal block, each terminal slot is fixed with copper bar, the top half of the terminal block is provided with plexiglass identification screen, the bolt and nut are installed in the connection hole, the terminal slot of the terminal block is made of 634 epoxy phthalic anhydride quartz powder epoxy casting rubber material, with good insulation effect, It has excellent electrical performance, durable design, strong toughness, extremely not easy to damage and damage, mechanical strength and good process performance. The horizontal distance between each terminal slot is more than 15 mm, and the height of the interval is more than 15 mm. The creepage distance is large, and the insulation effect is good. The upper part of the terminal block is equipped with plexiglass logo screen printing. The design style is beautiful and generous, and the font is simple Clean, clear, convenient and accurate wiring, simple structure, strong practicability.

It is made of two parts of plug-in connection. One part compresses the wire and then plugs it into the other part, which is welded to PCB. The mechanical principle of the connection bottom and the anti vibration design ensure the long-term airtight connection of the product and the use reliability of the finished product. The two ends of the socket can be equipped with matching ears, which can protect the connector to a large extent and prevent the poor arrangement of the connector. At the same time, this socket design can ensure that the socket can be inserted into the mother body correctly. The socket can also have assembly and locking positions. The assembly buckle can play a more stable role in fixing to the PCB, and the lock buckle can lock the mother body and the socket after the installation. Various socket designs can be matched with different insertion methods of the parent, such as: horizontal, vertical or inclined to printed circuit board, etc., and different ways can be selected according to the requirements of customers. Either metric wire gauge or standard wire gauge can be selected. It is a popular terminal type in the market.

Power terminal board


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