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Ups and downs of power terminal board market competition


Terminal enterprise is generally an economic entity of production, sales, after-sales and integration. As the manager of terminal enterprise, he should not only inspire others to work with you to achieve common goals, but also create an environment where opportunities and growth coexist. In this environment, everyone wants to seize the opportunity and make remarkable achievements. Trust the employees on the basis of understanding, and give her the stage to give full play. Of course, it is not so simple to keep the morale of subordinates strong for a long time. It is not only necessary to formulate a set of detailed rules and regulations and pay and reward distribution scheme according to work and more work, to provide fair and appropriate competition environment for every employee; it is also necessary to adopt many other incentive methods, such as respect, love, praise, tolerance of subordinates, material reward, etc. In addition, point out the goals for the subordinates, help the subordinates to plan out the blueprint for their development, and make appropriate criticism. The comprehensive use of various incentive means makes all employees' enthusiasm, creativity and the comprehensive vitality of the enterprise reach a good state.

The ups and downs in the market competition ushered in new turning points again and again. In 2013, the pace has steadily and forcefully stepped into half. We hope that the elites in the terminal industry can sail far in the remaining half year and usher in a new situation in the market.

Requirements for construction and installation of terminal electrical engineering

1. The safety of mechanical structure requires that the terminal blocks should ensure the personal safety in the aspects of chemistry, structural materials and live moving parts, such as the edges and corners of the shell, the burrs in the aspects of hardware, the connection strength of various parts, and even the stability of the products under the conditions of movement, all of which are the requirements of the mechanical structure for the terminals in the electric power industry.

2. The protection requirements of the shell are mainly the provisions of the protection level, which is mainly divided into two categories: one is the protection level of solid foreign matters, and the other is the harm caused by water to equipment and products.

3. The insulation coordination requirements are mainly based on the materials used, working voltage and environmental pollution level, to reasonably select the electrical clearance and creepage distance, so as to protect the safety of workers and products, and also to prevent the insulation damage of products under over-voltage.

Power terminal board


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