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On-line measurement of crimping wire of power terminal board


During electrical installation, it is often found that the crimping wires of individual cores are not delivered in place, or cannot be locked and contacted reliably after being delivered to the position. The reason is that there is burr or dirt stuck at the screw teeth of some mounting holes. In particular, the user factory has installed several mounting holes in one plug socket. If the defect is found, it is necessary to remove one by one the crimping wires from the other installed holes and replace the plug socket. In addition, due to the improper selection of wire diameter and crimping hole diameter, or due to the operation error of crimping process, the crimping end will not be secure. For this reason, the manufacturer shall carry out through test on all mounting holes of the delivered plug (socket) before the delivery of the finished product, that is, use the loading and unloading tools to simulate and send the wire with the pin or socket crimped in place, and check whether it can be locked. According to the technical specifications of the product, check the pull off force of each crimped wire.

Without reliable power terminal board, there is no reliable system engineering. Failure and reliability are two aspects of a contradictory body corresponding to each other. Through the reliability screening of power terminal board, various failure modes and failure mechanisms can be found, which can lead to a lot of lessons and eliminate various hidden dangers, provide scientific basis for improving design, process, inspection and use, and it is also an important basis for revising and formulating the technical conditions of power terminal board. The purpose of failure analysis is to find out the measures to prevent failure and realize the transformation from failure to reliability.

Domestic power terminal board manufacturers with certain scale and strength began to increase investment in the research and development of key technologies of products, carry out independent research and development and innovation, and produce according to international standards, so that the overall technical level of domestic power terminal board has been greatly improved. In addition, when foreign brands invest in building factories in China, Chinese personnel have also learned a lot of advanced technology and management mode. The continuous flow of personnel and capital of foreign-funded enterprises has also helped the development of China's power terminal board enterprises to a certain extent.

Power terminal board


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