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Multi purpose of power terminal board


The principle of wind power generation is no different from that of coal power, oil power and hydro power generation in any essential way. It is through the rotor that it can rotate in the stator and do the movement of cutting the magnetic line of force, so as to generate the induced potential. It is led out through the power terminal board and connected in the circuit, so as to generate the current. Different from other power generation methods, wind power generation is driven by the wind to rotate the wind wheel, and then driven by the wind wheel to rotate the rotor. The advantages of wind power are obvious. Compared with fossil energy such as coal and oil, wind energy is renewable energy, without any environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Compared with hydropower, wind power does not change the environment on a large scale; compared with biomass power, wind power almost does not occupy arable land; compared with solar power, wind power technology is simple, with high energy conversion rate, and the energy conversion rate of wind power can reach 59%, compared with Taiyang energy only 18%. Whenever there is an energy crisis, or there are new requirements for emissions, people will focus on wind power. After the oil crisis in 1973, developed countries, including the United States and Europe, invested a lot of money in the search for alternative fossil fuel energy, mobilized high-tech industries, and developed modern wind turbines by using new technologies in the fields of computer, aerodynamics, structural mechanics and materials science, which ushered in a new era of wind energy utilization. In 2006, China's wind power industry began to enter a period of rapid development.

Some units have designed and equipped a set of automatic control system at the same time of the fire pneumatic water supply equipment. When receiving the fire alarm signal, the fire pump will be started automatically and remotely through the automatic control system of the fire control center. The author thinks that it is not necessary to start the fire pump in the fire control center in case of a fire. Only when the automatic control of the fire pneumatic water supply equipment fails, can the fire pump be started by remote operation. As for the types and quantity of remote control facilities, this is also a problem, which is worth exploring. Some fire control centers adopt manual button control for remote control and start-up of fire pumps. Module linkage control, hydraulic alarm valve, pressure control switch and fire hydrant box smash glass button control mode are added in the equipment control cabinet. What happens if these four instructions and the equipment control function simultaneously? The author has experienced the scene that remote control and automatic control of equipment act at the same time, resulting in the contactor to send out "snap" vibration sound, accompanied by sparks, causing the air switch to trip. This is undoubtedly due to instruction overlap. The author thinks that only one remote control facility is enough, that is, the remote power terminal board in the electric control cabinet can be led to the fire control center, which is simple and easy to operate.

Power terminal board


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