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Brief Introduction Of the Fault Monitoring System Of The Control Circuit Of The Switch Machine

Switch machine bears the function of switch conversion of rail transit lines. Whether the switch machine operates reliably directly affects the safety and efficiency of operation. With the rapid development of rail transit, the operation pressure is more and more big. When the switch conversion fault occurs, it is difficult to judge and deal with all kinds of faults in time, thus affecting the normal operation. The monitoring system can locate the operation fault of the switch machine control circuit, accurately determine the fixed point, so that it can quickly find the fault point, eliminate the fault, effectively improve the efficiency of operation, and has a very good application value.

System Composition

(1) The system is composed of lower computer and upper computer, which is convenient for system maintenance and upgrading.

(2) The upper computer adopts industrial control computer, which is stable and reliable, and convenient for storage, analysis and judgment of large amount of data.

(3) The lower computer adopts the industrial control structure, and is divided into communication board, conversion board and acquisition board according to the function, so as to upgrade and adjust the system flexibly according to the actual situation.

(4) The sensor is an isolated type of high-precision sensor. On the premise of ensuring the sampling accuracy, it is isolated from the original system to ensure safety.


Fault monitoring system of switch machine control circuit

System structure diagram

System structure diagram

In the fault monitoring system of switch machine, the lower computer collects, sorts and transmits the data, and the upper computer stores, analyzes, judges and displays the data.

Working Principle

The fault monitoring system of switch machine is based on the basic principle of microcomputer monitoring and the way of signal acquisition to build a comprehensive system platform for judgment and disposal. Taking "fault oriented safety" as the design concept, and fully considering the characteristics of switch machine control, referring to the working principle and acquisition mode of the railway signal microcomputer monitoring system, the voltage sensor and current sensor are connected in the switch control circuit, which can monitor the running state and switching time of the switch machine during the running time. According to the inherent laws and characteristics of the "turnout control circuit", and using these laws and characteristics to analyze, judge and find out the control circuit fault, the corresponding relationship between the voltage, current and time of the key points in the circuit to determine the step to complete the action, determine the location of the fault point and the fault phenomenon, and timely alarm for the electrical characteristics deviating from the predetermined limit Find out the circuit fault omen to prevent accidents and provide reliable information for the maintenance of switch machine equipment.

Monitoring Process

There are two kinds of fault monitoring system, real-time monitoring and historical monitoring. Real time monitoring is to monitor the data of some key sampling points at a certain time interval when the switch machine does not act, so as to find problems in time. Historical monitoring is to analyze and judge the data of each sampling point collected and uploaded by the lower computer in the complete conversion process after the switch machine completes a conversion, so as to determine the step where the fault occurs, and then to determine which circuit components and wiring or some mechanical fault.

User Operation

Run the upper computer software of the switch machine fault monitoring system, display the following interface, and start the fault monitoring of the switch machine.

Electrical Schematic Diagram

On the electrical schematic diagram, the data value of the corresponding sampling point will be displayed in real time. If the switch is moved, the lower computer will collect the data during the operation process and transmit the data to the upper computer, which will store, analyze, judge and display the data accordingly.

When the upper computer receives the historical data, the historical curve of each sampling point can be formed, which is convenient to judge the fault. The figure below shows the display effect of received normal anti operation data.

Curve Data

Through the comprehensive analysis of the curve data, the position of the fault can be judged intuitively, quickly and accurately, the fault point can be displayed and the troubleshooting method can be eliminated. It can effectively shorten the fault processing time.

The system adopts the display mode of multi document menu interface, and the main menu item is mainly composed of fault monitoring, fault information query, query report, system management and system help. It is convenient to query the fault information, query the daily, monthly and annual reports of the system, and manage the data.

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